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OLD TIME RADIO Shows and other links

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I recommend the following radio shows:

Amos and Andy, Gildersleeve, Gunsmoke, Ozzie and Harriet, Have Gun Will Travel, Burns and Allen, Life of Riley, Frontier Gentleman, Lum and Abner, Fibber McGee and Molly, Jack Benny, Abbot and Costello, Lux Radio Theater

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Old time radio shows, just click and listen to Amos and Andy, Ozzie and Harriet, Gunsmoke, etc.

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We're going to have to slap the dirty little jap

Below: "We're Gonna Have To Slap The Dirty Little Jap (and Uncle Sam's The Guy Who Can Do It)" by Carson Robison

1940's song: "We are going to have to slap, the dirty little jap"

RCA Bluebird black label written 1941

We are going to have to slap the dirty little Jap

Great World War 2 songs from the 40's

Remember Pearl Harbor

1940's song: "Remember Pearl Harbor"

Remember Pearl Harbor


Glen Miller music

Glenn Miller music

Glenn Miller music


We're gonna have to slap the dirty little Jap
We're gonna have to slap the dirty little Jap
And Uncle Sam's the guy who can do it
We'll skin the streak of yellow from this sneaky little fellow
And he'll think a cyclone hit him when he's thru it
We'll take the double crosser to the old woodshed
We'll start on his bottom and go to his head
When we get thru with him he'll wish that he was dead
We gotta slap the dirty little Jap

We're gonna have to slap the dirty little Jap
And Uncle Sam's the guy who can do it
The Japs and all their hooey will be changed into chop suey
And the rising sun will set when we get thru it
Their alibi for fighting is to save their face
For ancestors waiting in celestial space
We'll kick their precious face down to the other place
We gotta slap the dirty little Jap

[Lyrics are from the sheet music. There is a third verse not included on the Carson Robison version]

 Remember Pearl Harbor!

Remember Pearl Harbor, when you sight down the barrel of your gun
Remember Pearl Harbor, never stop, 'til you drop every one
Give'em bomb for bomb, give'em shell for shell
Kill a hundred rats for every boy that fell
Remember Pearl Harbor, wipe the Jap from the map, give'em hell

Dawn on a Sunday morning
Dawn on the wide blue sea
A warrior isle of sunshine
Lay so peacefully
Then from the sky without warning
The vultures swarmed to attack
Hiding behind their "peace talk"
They stabbed our boys in the back

Remember Pearl Harbor, every hour, every day that we live
Remember Pearl Harbor, and the crime we can never forgive
Through the sweat and toil
Through the blood and tears
Keep this battle cry ringing in our ears
Remember Pearl Harbor, let this song keep us strong through the years

Remember how we used to call them our "little brown brothers?"
What a laugh that turned out to be
Well, we can all thank God that we're not related
To that yellow scum of the sea
They talked of peace, and of friendship
We found out just what all that talk was worth
All right, they've asked for it, and now they're going to get it
We'll blow every one of them right off of the face of the Earth

Remember Pearl Harbor, in the air on the land, on the sea
Remember Pearl Harbor, here's a job we can do, you and me
Keep'em flying high clear across the pond
Make our dollars fight, buy another bond
Remember Pearl Harbor, day and night, pray and fight, carry on!

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